Over the River and Thru the Woods

Lunch & Comedy Show

Seasons Dinner Theater – Ham Lake

Saturday, February 24, 2018


         Why not treat yourself or somebody special?  Join Laura and Gary Block on Saturday, February 24th    as we return to one of our favorites, the Seasons Dinner Theater in Ham Lake.  Enjoy a delicious meal and comedy production in a great atmosphere.  We’ll depart Little Falls at 9:00 a.m. from the northeast corner of the Wal-Mart parking lot. Our Andy’s Charter Service motor coach will also pick up in Royalton, Rice, St. Cloud or any other city along the way.  We’re headed to Ham Lake and the Seasons Dinner Theater located at the Majestic Oaks Golf Club. The Seasons Dinner Theater provides performances in an intimate and relaxing setting.  Since 1988, Seasons Dinner Theater has been home to the Seasons Players, a professional theater production company, which has performed hundreds and hundreds of shows on the Seasons’ thrust stage.  We have superb dinner seating beginning in the second thru fourth row.  We’ll start our experience with your choice of matinee entrée selections served with coffee, tea or soda.  Following our delicious lunch, sit back and enjoy the family comedy, “Over the River and Thru the Woods”.  Nick is a single, Italian-American, up and coming young man living in New Jersey, whose parents have retired and moved to Florida.  His grandparents (Frank and Aida; Nunzio and Emma), however, still live close by and dote on their only grandson, looking forward to Sunday family dinners each week to connect with and helpfully guide Nick’s life.  However, when Nick’s “dream job” in Seattle threatens to steal their grandson away, they scheme (in the most loving way possible, of course) to keep him in New Jersey, not the least of which is introducing him to the beautiful and single Caitlin O’Hare.  This is a hilarious family comedy, loaded with laughs for everyone.  What a super way to spend a Saturday in February.  We’ll be returning to Little Falls around 5:00 p.m.  Give us a call and sign up today.  

Ø  Comfortable Andy’s Charter Service motor coach transportation

Ø  Lunch, with a choice of numerous entrees, at Seasons Dinner Theater

Ø  “Over the River and Thru the Woods” family comedy

Ø  Reserved tables beginning in the  2nd thru 4th row

Ø  Fun and prizes

Ø  Hosted by Laura & Gary Block

Ø  Cost $95


Gary Block Tours


mgaryblock@hotmail.com           www.garyblocktours.com

Travel News:  Our Branson brochures for November 12-17 are being finalized and should be ready next month.  This six day, five night adventure features seven shows, Daniel O’Donnell’s first ever Christmas show in the United States, the Urban Cowboy Reunion with Mickey Gilley & Johnny Lee, Clay Cooper’s Country Express, The Blackwoods, The Brett’s Christmas Show, Grand Jubilee and Pierce Arrow.  Other attractions will also be added.  If you would like the brochure when it’s printed, please let us know.  We would also like to thank you for a wonderful 2017 and wish you a very Happy New Year.  There’s a lot of exciting trips scheduled for 2018, so stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!