Lend Me A Tenor

Old Log Theatre

Madcap Screwball Comedy &Lunch

November 7, 2018


     “Lend Me a Tenor”is coming to the Old Log Theatre!  This Tony Award winning madcap screwball comedy will keep you laughing all afternoon long!  Think about the Golden Age of Film from the 1930’s, the look and what the experience might have been. Old Log’s production will bring you back to that time with this hysterical comedy. Join Laura and Gary Block on Wednesday, November 7th, when our Andy’s Charter Service coach departs Little Falls at 9:30 a.m. from the northeast corner of the Wal-Mart parking lot.  We’ll also pick up in Royalton, Rice, St. Cloud East Shopko northeast parking lot or any other city along the way.  An afternoon of food & fun is waiting for us at the Old Log Theatre which is set on 11 beautiful acres on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. Our visit begins with a delicious luncheon and a choice of four entrees, including braised boneless beef short ribs with potatoes, vegetable and gravy, dill roasted Tilapia with potatoes and vegetables or seared pork chop, potatoes, vegetables and bacon port demi glaze. The fourth entrée choice is angel hair pasta with garden marinara. All meals include dinner rolls, dessert and coffee or tea. (Please let us know what your lunch choice is when you sign up)  Following lunch we’ll sit back and enjoy “Lend me a Tenor”.  World-renowned tenor Tito Morelli has signed on to play Otello at a Cleveland opera company in the fall of 1934.  He arrives late and, through a set of crazy circumstances, passes out after mixing wine with a huge dose of tranquilizers. Believing that the divo is dead, the excitable manager taps his hapless assistant, an aspiring singer named Max, to suit up as the Moor and replace Morelli.  Meanwhile, the tenor’s jealous wife, his ambitious female co-star, Max’s young girlfriend and the flirtatious head of the opera guild are on the scene fighting – sometimes literally – for the star’s attention.  Max succeeds on stage, but Morelli comes to and puts on his other costume ready to perform.  Hilarity ensues! The winner of three Tony Awards and the 2010 Tony Awards nominee for Best Revival of a Play, this rib-tickling comedy is the most inventive, original farce in a long time.  Experience the Golden Age of Hollywood and a wacky story and hilarious shenanigans that provide an escape into laugh out loud comedy land. We’re looking forward to a fun day at the Old Log Theatre and returning to Little Falls around 6:15.


Ø Comfortable Andy’s  Charter Service motor coach transportation

Ø Lunch with choice of entrées – let us know your choice when you sign up     

Ø “Lend Me a Tenor” at the Old Log Theatre

Ø Fun and prizes

Ø Hosted by Laura and Gary Block

Ø Cost  $88

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