Jaspers Theater

Variety Show & Dinner at the Y Steak House

July 19, 2018


     If you’re looking for a full day of music, comedy, magic and topping it off with a delicious evening dinner, then join us on Thursday, July 19. This will be an exceptional day of summer fun and relaxation hosted by Laura and Gary Block.  It’s not too early to sign-up today. 

     We depart Little Falls at 12:20 p.m. from the northeast corner of the Wal-Mart parking lot and will also pick up in Randall and Motley or anywhere else on our route. Our Andy’s Charter Service motor coach will take us north to Park Rapids at Jasper’s Theater, a landmark of Park Rapids since 2004. We have fabulous reserved seats beginning in the third row for Jasper’s new production in 2018 as they celebrate with a brand new variety show. Treat yourself this summer to the 2018 show “Can You Top This?” that delivers two power-packed hours of fabulous entertainment. Four generations of family and their “adopted” veteran entertainers bring you a roller coaster of music, magic, comedy and dance to create the ultimate in live entertainment. High energy performances showcase a variety of pop, Gospel, country, Broadway and patriotic music in every performance.  Unbelievable talent combined with down-home personality, plus the award-winning comedy of the beloved Auntie Kreamsaugen bring guests back year after year.  Join Jaspers as they give thanks to God for the opportunity to do what they love most….right there in Park Rapids.  Jaspers and Gary Block Tours thank you for your continued patronage. It’s another summer of fun at an out-of-the-ordinary theater – Jasper’s Theater.  They’ll sing, dance and tickle our funny bone as they exceed our expectations with a brand new show this year.  The entire Jasper’s family thanks you for your continued support of clean, family entertainment.  After the show, we’re having dinner at a restaurant where we had a great experience the past five years. We’ve always had fabulous food and fantastic service at the Y Steak House, celebrating over 70 years in business.  Family owned since 1946, the Y Steak House overlooks the beautiful Fish Hook River. Choose from three entrees that evening…the seven ounce sirloin steak, deep-fried walleye or the half-pound grilled chicken breast with choice of seasonings.  The entrée is accompanied by a baked potato, vegetable, roll and non-alcoholic beverage. It doesn’t get any better than this. It’s all here, a complete day of entertainment and great food..  We’ll be returning to Little Falls around 8:45 p.m.  Give us a call and sign up today for a wonderful time. 


Ø  Comfortable Andy’s Charter Service motor coach transportation

Ø  Jasper’s Jubilee Theater excellent reserved seats starting in the 3rd row for  their new 2018 show

Ø  Dinner at the Y Steak House on Fish Hook River with a choice of three entrees

Ø  Tax and meal gratuities

Ø  Fun and prizes

Ø  Hosted by Laura and Gary Block

Ø  Cost $89


Gary Block Tours


mgaryblock@hotmail.com                                   www.garyblocktours.com


Send payment to:  Gary Block Tours, 112 SE 4th Street, Little Falls, MN  56345